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W.W. Sellers & Associates, Inc.

Our goal at W.W. Sellers & Associates, Inc. is to give landowners excellent service in assisting them with managing their land and timber resources. We offer complete forestry, land management, and real estate services, tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

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Active management of your natural resources is essential to getting the most from your investment. Our forestry consultants have the expertise to help you develop and implement a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your objectives.

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  1. We bring more prospective buyers to you. More buyers means more competition, and more competition means more money to you.
  2. We inventory and appraise your timber before you decide what to sell. You instruct us how much to sell for you.
  3. We monitor the removal of trees to insure the highest quality work. The result is that loggers are more careful on your property.
  4. We work for you. Not for the mill. Not for the timber dealer or logger. We represent your interest. Because of this, timber sales are set up to achieve your goals.

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Do you know how much your timber is worth today? If you haven’t had your timber appraised recently, consider having our forestry consultants appraise your timber at its current age to determine its quality classifications and value at today’s market prices. Our professional foresters will walk over your property and record a sample of the timber on your property, noting the species, height, width, and quality of the timber. This sample will then be used to estimate the total value of all of your timber at current market prices.This is particularly useful if you own a substantial amount of forest land. A timber appraisal will help in your estate planning by establishing the value of your timber resources, and help your family plan appropriately to keep and manage what you have worked so hard for during your lifetime.
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With the rights and privileges of being a forest landowner also comes the responsibility of protecting and preserving those resources for the next generation. Once the timber is cleared from your property, you should consider reforestation to put the land back into production. Based on your objectives, our forestry consultants will assist you with determining which types of trees would be appropriate for your land. We will also determine the appropriate spacing and administer the planting of the seedlings for optimum growth potential.
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A little extra expense is involved, but proper site preparation greatly improves the likelihood that reforestation will be successful and the resulting timber investment will mature more quickly.
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Our forestry consultants can help you determine if applications of herbicides and fertilizers are appropriate and beneficial in accordance with your objectives. Whether spraying hardwood competition in a stand of young planted pines or fertilizing your timber for quicker maturity, we can help you.
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Whether to protect your timber investment or simply for aesthetic purposes, there are advantages to removing undergrowth from your property. Undesirable trees and/or brush can compete with your timber investment for sunlight and nutrients from the soil. By removing this undesirable competition, your timber investment will mature more quickly, and will also provide for a more enjoyable recreational property.
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To be able to better manage your property, you need to be able to get to it. We have the right equipment and expertise to build all-weather roads and/or fire lanes on your property, therefore providing great accessibility. A desirable side-effect of better roads is improved recreational quality.Click here to go back to the top of the page

Have you considered building a pond on your property? A well-maintained pond can be a tremendous asset to your property. Not only will it provide an oasis for native wildlife, but it can provide a beautiful recreational area. In some cases, a pond will even increase your property value. We can assist you, from selecting an appropriate size and location for a pond to land clearing and actual construction of a pond.
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creek_crossingWe can assist with the construction of durable creek crossings that will allow easy fording of creeks and wet areas, providing greater accessibility to those “hard-to-get-to” parts of your property.
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Is there unsightly debris on your property? Debris is not only unattractive and unappealing, but it can also be a danger to those seeking recreation on your property. We can help make your property a safer and more beautiful place by assisting you with the removal of debris.
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Our consultants can help you know your property better by documenting qualitative features of your property such as location of roads relative to boundary lines and other landmarks, locating and estimating the sizes of acreage in various stages of tree farm production, estimating the size of ponds or bottom areas, etc. This information can be digitally integrated with a topographic map showing relative elevation changes of your property by overlaying the mapped property with the topographic information.
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An aerial photograph provides a two-dimensional image of your property. This photograph will show the qualitative features of your property, such as location of roads, structures, ponds and other landmarks. Aerial photography can also be integrated with the on-site mapping described above to provide an excellent comprehensive document that gives valuable information about your land.
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Probably one of the biggest reasons investors buy land today is to provide a place of recreation. Wildlife management should be included as a key component in any comprehensive forestry or land management plan. Whether you are a hunting enthusiast or you just like to ride horses or ATV’s, we can assist you with the development and implementation of a wildlife management plan, including determining the location and inital clearing of food plots and planting of trees and shrubs that provide natural food for wildlife.deergreenfield
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