W.W. Sellers & Associates, Inc.

About Our Services…


Timber Sale Administration

Why should I hire a forester to sale my timber? Most landowners only have one or two timber sales in their lifetime, while others may have a yearly or bi-yearly sale.


Forest Management Planning

Planning is essential in managing your property in order to meet your objectives. Genesis offers management plans that are designed to meet your specific objectives.


Reforestation / Tree Planting

With the rights and privileges of being a forest landowner also comes the responsibility of protecting and preserving those resources for the next generation.


Forestry Management Professionals

With graduate and licensed foresters with many years combined experience in the forestry industry, W.W. Sellers & Associates, Inc. has the expertise to help you with your land and timber investment. Our job as registered foresters and forest resource managers is to help you realize the rewards of owning woodlands.

W.W. Sellers has been deeply involved in the management of pine and hardwood (oak, ash, poplar, etc.) forests in the South since 1962. Our services cover the spectrum of forest management activities:

  • Timber Sales
  • Timber Cruising / Appraisaltimber3
  • Reforestation / Tree Planting / Site Preparation
  • Herbicide & Fertilization
  • Clearing of Completing Brush / Undergrowth
  • Construction of Road & Fire Lanes
  • Construction of Ponds
  • Debris Removal
  • On-site Mapping / GPS
  • Aerial Photography
  • Wildlife Management / Food Plots

In short, we provide the services you need to care for your investment.